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Theft is a category of criminal offense that arises often in Union Township New Jersey. The common thread in all theft charges is taking or depriving the rightful owner of his or her property; in other words, some form of stealing. Although a shoplifting offense in Union is the most common theft offense in the municipality, there are a wide range of violations that also arise. The severity of the penalties associated with a theft conviction primarily depends on the value of the stolen property. Irrespective, a conviction results in a criminal record for stealing and this tends to be viewed very unfavorably by potential employers. Avoiding a conviction for theft is something that you definitely need to achieve and hiring a highly qualified attorney is your best tool for reaching this goal.

A Union theft offense lawyer from the Law Offices of Jonathan F. Marshall can make all the difference. We are skilled and aggressive defense attorneys who have the tools to formulate a strategy that will reach a favorable outcome. A former prosecutor on our defense team, which has over 100 years of combined experience, is available to speak to you 24/7 in a free consultation. One of our lawyers is available immediately at 908-272-1700.

Theft Offense in Union Township New Jersey

Theft offenses are contained at N.J.S.A. 2C:20-1 et seq. of the New Jersey Criminal Code. Just about any theft charge set forth in Title 20 can arise in Union Township. The lawyers at our firm defend all of these violations, including:

The elements of most theft offenses are extremely similar. The prosecutor must typically prove, beyond reasonable doubt, that: (1) taking or exercising control over property; (2) that belongs to another person; (3) the owner did not consent or give permission to the taking or exercising of control; and (4) the conduct was intended to deprive the rightful owner of the property. Property that is immovable, such as real estate, can also be subject to theft. N.J.S.A. 2C:20-3(b) makes it a crime to unlawfully transfer an interest in property that cannot be moved without the consent of the true owner and with for purposes of benefiting yourself or another person who is also not entitled to the property.

Penalties for Theft in Union New Jersey

The seriousness of the crime and the penalties associated with it upon conviction generally depend upon the value of the stolen property. The following are examples of penalties associated with theft offenses:

Union Theft Defense Lawyer

The penalties and criminal record associated with theft charges should not be taken lightly. If you have been arrested or know you are under investigation for theft in Union, retaining the services of a seasoned theft offense attorney can allow you to minimize the consequence of the charge. The lawyers at the Law Offices of Jonathan F. Marshall have exceptional credentials that include over a century defending clients charged with theft. To speak to a lawyer about the circumstances surrounding your arrest, call 908-272-1700.