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Union County NJ Criminal Defense Lawyers

Over 200 Years Combined Experience

Former County & Municipal Prosecutors

Firm Overview

We believe that the defense team at The Law Offices of Jonathan F. Marshall possesses unique credentials to insure that you succeed in defending your Union County criminal, DWI or motor vehicle violation. Training and experience are the key ingredients when it comes to achieving favorable results and the lawyers at our firm unquestionably possess these qualities.

Former Prosecutors Who Know How The System Works

The seven criminal attorneys at the firm include multiple former prosecutors. We have served as both county prosecutors and municipal prosecutors, learning just how things work from both sides of the court system. Our service in this capacity also exposed us to a high volume of drug, assault, dwi and other violations. You learn what is truly effective in defending charges and what is not when you handle so many violations. We are skilled advocates with practical experience that very few can also offer. An attorney who possesses this unique perspective is ready to assist you immediately.

Over Two Centuries Of Experience Defending Charges in Union County NJ

Our firm was founded by Jonathan F. Marshall over twenty years ago in 1999. The criminal practice has steadily grown since that time to the point of now employing ten defense attorneys who have well over 200 years of experience between them. This is an extremely important characteristic of our office since there are few, if any, substitutes for experience. We are well recognized at both the Union County Superior Court in Elizabeth and also in Union County Municipal Courts. A lawyer from our firm can be found almost every day somewhere in the court system including, but limited to, Linden, Roselle Park, Union Township, Clark, and Elizabeth. You are securing representation by an attorney who knows how to effectively navigate the courts when you retain our firm.

Committed To Protecting Your Future

Too many individuals hire a lawyer only to discover that there is a lack of commitment to see the case through once payment is received. Our attorneys take a different approach. We will invest whatever time is necessary to insure that you achieve the very best resolution of your case. The lawyers at The Law Offices of Jonathan F. Marshall will protect your interests at every stage of the proceedings.