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Juvenile criminal charges that are filed in any municipality in Union County are referred to the Family Division, Juvenile Team, at Elizabethtown Plaza, Elizabeth NJ 07027.The call to a parent advising that their child was arrested for juvenile delinquency can be extremely unnerving. The typical reaction is that there must be a mistake or how could my child be guilty of a crime? The unfortunate truth is, however, that juvenile charges are filed every day throughout NJ, including Union County. One of the major practice areas of our criminal defense firm involves juvenile offenses. These types of charges are handled in a separate court, with different rules and procedures than those which apply in adult court. There is even an independent location for custody of persons under eighteen (18) years of age, namely, the Union County Juvenile Detention Center.

Our attorneys are highly knowledgeable in all phases of juvenile proceedings and what is involved in effectively defending your child. We are skilled defense lawyers, many of whom are former prosecutors, with more than 100 years of collective experience. If your child is facing a burglary, drug possession (cocaine, marijuana, heroin, prescription, etc.), intent to distribute or sell drugs, theft, robbery, criminal mischief, harassment, assault, aggravated assault, possession of a weapon, dwi, drinking underage, etc., we have the answers you are looking for. We would be happy to speak to you immediately to discuss how we can help your child and family. A lawyer from our firm is available 24/7 at 908-272-1700.

Juvenile Detention & Retention Hearings

A child can be held by police following arrest and this is referred to as initial detention. Within 24 hours of being taken into custody, the juvenile is entitled to a hearing at the Family Division of the Union County Superior Court where continued custody or retention is evaluated by the Juvenile Judge. The Court may order that the child remain in custody if: (1) it finds that retention is necessary to secure the appearance of the child; or (2) the juvenile would “seriously threaten” the safety of the community if he were released. If it is determined that the child should remain in custody, a detention review hearing is to follow within 14 days. Subsequent reviews shall be conducted at intervals no greater than 21 days. For more information about custody

Mandatory Assignment of An Attorney

At all Union County juvenile proceedings, the child must be represented by an attorney. A parent cannot handle the defense of a juvenile as NJ law requires representation by a lawyer. If you child has been charged with a criminal offense that has resulted in formal proceedings, you have no option other than to retain a defense lawyer or, if you are indigent, request a public defender. Every juvenile is required to be represented when they appear at the Juvenile Court in Elizabeth.

Juvenile Crimes

The criminal offenses and charges heard in Juvenile Court are essentially the same as those prosecuted in adult court. The crimes include theft, shoplifting, robbery, assault, harassment, possession of marijuana, possession of a weapon, false or forged ID, distribution of drugs, driving underage, criminal mischief, burglary, dwi and just about any other criminal charge.

Union County Juvenile Lawyer

We realize things may be very confusing right now but we can help you understand the process and the best option for defending your child. You can have confidence in the advice of our attorneys given the decades of experience we possess in the Juvenile Division. A lawyer who is knowledgeable in defending Union County Juvenile crimes is available immediately at 908-272-1700. Your initial consultation with the lawyers at the Law Offices of Jonathan F. Marshall are free so there is no reason for you to hesitate in securing the guidance you need.

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