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Image of statue signifying justice at the entrance of the courthouse.There are many instances of deception that can result in an arrest or charge for a fraud related offense in Union County. New Jersey Criminal Law sets forth numerous charges arising out of practices that are of a fraudulent nature.  If you have been arrested for committing some form of fraud, you need to know what can happen to you if you are convicted, as well as how the charge can be defended. The attorneys at our firm include former prosecutors and a staff that possesses over 100 years of experience defending those accused of defrauding someone or the government.  We are knowledgeable in all fraud charges including the following:

One of the skilled criminal attorneys at The Law Offices of Jonathan F. Marshall can assist you with any of these offenses, as well as any other deception related charge. Contact our Union Township Law Office for an immediate free consultation at 908-272-1700.

A common requirement in fraud type cases is that the accused have a purpose to defraud or injure another. Intent need not be to secure economic gain alone as deception to injure reputation or integrity will also suffice for several of these offenses. An area of attack that is often fertile in fraud cases is the lack of intent and/or the prosecution’s ability to establish, beyond reasonable doubt, that the accused had a purpose to defraud. Our lawyers know, based on their decades of experience, exactly how to present this and other defenses.

With very limited exception, most fraud related charges are third degree crimes or worse (e.g. second degree crime). Since this and any higher grade of offense is an indictable offense, the related case must be handled at the county courthouse in Elizabeth New Jersey. A conviction results in a felony criminal record and the potential for at years in state prison. The best way to increase your chances of becoming a felon is, in our judgment, to retain the right attorney to defend your fraud case. Our defense team constitutes one of the largest in the state and has the ability to insure that you preserve your opportunity for a clean record. We will use all of our expertise to effectively defend you.

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A common error made by defendants in fraud related offense cases is to underestimate the risk exposure associated with the charge. A good illustration of how such a mistake can unfold is the fraud case of Teresa and Joseph Giudice. While neither defendant conceived a prison sentence when they were initially charged, we now know that was a grave miscalculation. Investigators from the Office of the Insurance Fraud Prosecutor, police detectives, and other law enforcement personnel know how unsuspecting individuals can be, as well as the importance of getting to them before they are represented by an attorney. Don’t make the same mistake because penalties you face if convicted in Elizabeth at the Superior Court are extreme.  There is the possibility of five (5) years in prison for offenses of the third degree and ten (10) years for second degree crimes. The fraud attorneys at The Law Offices of Jonathan F. Marshall are here to insure that such an outcome does not occur. Give our lawyers a call at 908-272-1700 for immediate assistance before there is any opportunity to commit a fatal mishap without representation.