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City of Elizabeth Unlike any other municipality in Union County, the City of Elizabeth has two different court systems in which a criminal case can processed.  The Elizabeth Municipal Court is where disorderly persons offenses like simple assault are litigated, as well as traffic charges, for example, driving while intoxicated (“DWI”). The city also happens to be the location where all indictable crimes, as well as restraining orders, are handled in Union County. An attorney can prove invaluable in both of these court systems, especially highly credentialed ones like those at The Law Offices of Jonathan F. Marshall. We are former prosecutors and a defense team with over 100 years of combined experience. We have successfully defended an immeasurable number of individuals in Elizabeth over the years and will use our best efforts to achieve a similar outcome for you.

Criminal Charges in Elizabeth New Jersey

Since both indictable crimes of the first, second, third and fourth degree, as well as municipal court offenses are litigated in Elizabeth, there are a wide variety of criminal charges that you can potentially be facing if you are seeking an attorney here. The lawyers at the firm handle all of these, as well as restraining order hearings conducted in the Family Division. We are ready to defend you against an offense involving:

Whether you are confronted with a disorderly persons offense or serious traffic offense in municipal court, or are facing an indictment for a first degree crime at the Superior Court, the best first step in helping yourself is to retain the best attorney you can afford. We believe that our firm can offer you exceptional qualifications for defending any charge in Elizabeth, with both former county and municipal prosecutors on staff. An experienced attorney will identify the holes in the prosecutor’s case and those courses of action that can allow you to avoid the penalties, an even a conviction altogether, associated with the criminal offense you have been charged with. The lawyer(s) representing the state and police are aggressive and knowledgeable and you deserve nothing less when it comes to your life.

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Union County Courthouse, Elizabeth NJWhen it comes to defending a criminal criminal complaint/indictment, restraining order or even a traffic violation, there is little doubt that knowledge of the law, how the process works, and the personnel involved in a case can prove invaluable. Our attorneys have been in practice and defending charges in the City of Elizabeth for decades. We have handled thousands of cases involving all sorts of crimes, disorderly persons offenses and fact patterns. We know what needs to be done to give our clients the best opportunity for a successful outcome and how to do it effectively. Contact our Union Township Office for a free consultation with an attorney at 908-272-1700.