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Elizabeth NJ Police at the scene of a callWhile your Elizabeth NJ DWI offense is considered a traffic violation rather than a crime under the law, the penalties that apply if you are convicted are severe whether this is your first offense, second offense or third offense. New Jersey lawmakers have taken a hard line on DWI and want to deter violations in the City of Elizabeth and other municipalities by making the consequences of even a first arrest extreme. In fact, the state has gone as far as to outlaw plea bargaining in cases where a motorist is charged with DUI or DWI. None of the players, not even the municipal court judge in Elizabeth, is permitted to allow a dismissal or downgrade of your DUI charge unless there is a genuine problem with the state’s case.

It is clearly more important than ever for you to hire the best lawyer you can find if you want to avoid a conviction in Elizabeth Municipal Court. This is going to be your most effective tool to escape a conviction given that the prosecutor’s hands are tied absent your presentation of a meritorious issue concerning the original traffic stop, your operation of the vehicle, failing the field tests and the validity of the blood test or breath test results. Our attorneys can certainly serve you well in this role as members of the largest and most highly highly trained DWI firm in Union County. The defense team at The Law Offices of Jonathan F. Marshall has defended literally thousands of cases and probably just as many from the opposite perspective as municipal prosecutors. Several of our lawyers hold certification as instructors in Standardized Field Sobriety Testing, in operation of the Alcotest machine, and we even have our own breathalyzer. These are credentials that no other firm in Union County also possesses. These unique qualifications, when coupled with our unwavering commitment to do what it takes to achieve the best possible outcome despite a flat fee structure, often translates into remarkable results. To discuss how we can assist you in fighting the DWI offense you are facing in the City of Elizabeth, contact our Union NJ Office at (908) 272-1700. An experienced DWI attorney will review the facts of your case, free of charge, and tell you how we can go about avoiding a conviction.

Charged With DWI/DUI In Elizabeth New Jersey

The City of Elizabeth is historical near or at the top of the annual statistics for DWI summonses issued by Union County municipalities. There are many reasons for the numbers being so high, including the fact that the town not only has it own police patrolling local roads but also handles all arrests made by the state police patrolling that portion of the New Jersey Turnpike (i.e. Interstate 95), Interstate 278, and US Route 1 and 9, within the municipality. All of these DUI cases are heard in one place, the Elizabeth Municipal Court. When you appear in court, it is important to keep in mind that neither the arresting officer, nor the prosecutor, are going to be your friend. They are interested in one thing, obtaining a conviction, something mandated by law, if at all possible. This is the case whether the offense is based on alcohol consumption or driving under the influence of drugs.

In order to convict you of driving while intoxicated under N.J.S.A. 39:4-50, the Elizabeth prosecutor must establish several things. He or she must first prove that there was a valid reason to stop you by demonstrating that reasonable suspension existed to believe that you committed a traffic violation. The second thing that must be proven is that there was probable cause to be believe you were operating your vehicle while under the influence of alcohol or drugs, for example, marijuana, prescription medication or cocaine. This hurdle is usually cleared through presentation of the results of roadside field sobriety tests. The third primary proof that must be established is impairment and this is typically shown threw use of a breathalyzer reading or a laboratory report of your blood. It should seem obvious that representation by an Elizabeth DWI attorney who is highly trained in these tests, not to mention one who has prosecuted and defended countless violations, would be beneficial in defending your charge.  This is what a lawyer at this firm can provide with, in fact, more training in these tests than the arresting police officer in almost all cases. This allows us to identify issues in the administration and/or scoring of the tests far more frequently than the norm.

Elizabeth NJ DWI Attorney

Finding the right Elizabeth NJ DWI Attorney to handle you charge should not be difficult if you have reviewed this page. The reason why we can say this is because there truly is not another firm in Union County with the collective training and experience in DWI and DUI defense than our firm. The attorneys on our staff have over 100 combined years in practice and are certified on the Alcotest, in addition to being instructors in field sobriety testing. When you hire the lawyers at The Law Offices of Jonathan F. Marshall, you are obtaining representation by a DWI firm with exceptional credentials for identifying, creating and presenting issues to allow for a dismissal or downgrade of your charge. We think you would truly be surprised at the number of DUI cases that end up being dismissed as the result of our efforts. Give us a call at (908) 272-1700 for a free consultation in an attorney.