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Traffic Offense in Westfield New Jersey

North Avenue, South Avenue, and the loop surrounding Exit 135 of the Garden State Parkway are just a few of the well-traveled roads in Westfield where police can issue a traffic offense. There are a wide range of traffic tickets that can be issued in this context including everything from speeding to driving while suspended and without insurance. Although you may feel that you can handle a motor vehicle summons by yourself in Westfield Municipal Court, the consequences of a conviction are often underestimated. Consulting a skilled lawyer before you make any hasty decision is the safest approach to insure you do not compromise your driving privileges or expose yourself to unnecessary financial ramifications. The attorneys at the Marshall Firm can serve you well in helping minimize the penalties for a traffic ticket whether the violation is reckless driving, possession of cds in a motor vehicle or something very basic. To reach an attorney today for sound legal advice, contact our office at 908-272-1700. Lawyers are available around the clock to come to your assistance.

Westfield Traffic Summons, Ticket or Violation

The New Jersey Traffic Code sets forth well over a hundred potential varieties of motor vehicle violation. A motorist can be issued a ticket or summons for any of these offenses. The lawyers on our staff are equipped to defend any of these charges in Westfield Municipal Court, including: 

Penalties for Traffic Violations. The types of penalties you face with a traffic ticket include assessment of motor vehicle points. Once you accumulate 6 or more points, you are subject to surcharges that must be paid to keep your driving privileges from being suspended. If you reach 12 points, your license will be administratively suspended. A conviction for almost any traffic offense also results in fines which can range from less than $50 to more than $1,000 for a more serious charge. Some violations also trigger mandatory suspension of your privileges including one year for a first offense of driving without insurance, up to six months for driving while suspended and two years for possession of cds in a motor vehicle. An individual can even be exposed to a jail term such as 180 days for a third offense of DWI, 14 days for a second offense of driving without insurance and 10 days for a third offense of driving while suspended.

Westfield Traffic Offense Defense Attorney

Accumulating points on your license or exposing yourself to unnecessary penalties because you appear in Westfield Municipal Court without representation by a knowledgeable defense attorney is ill advised. A lawyer who is adept in defending traffic and motor vehicle charges like those at the Marshall Law Firm is exactly what you. We are former prosecutors that make up a team of lawyers with over a century of collective experience. A member of our staff is available to assist you immediately by calling 908-272-1700. Attorneys with the know-how to help you can be reached now.