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Union County Jail Escapee Was Assisted

A convict from the Union County jail escaped from custody earlier this summer. The defendant was apparently working outside of the jail on a garbage detail and decided to run. The correction officer(s) were unable to stop him but he was later apprehended in Newark. It now turns out that he may have been assisted in the escape.

The Union County Prosecutors Office filed formal charges against an uncle of the escapee earlier this week.  The gentleman is charged with conspiracy and aiding an escape. He is being held at Union County Jail on $500,000 bail.

Conspiracy is a common offense in Union County Superior Court and elsewhere in New Jersey.  An individual is guilty of conspiracy if he enters into an agreement to commit or assist in the commission of a crime and engages in some form of overt act which advances commission of the offense.  It is unclear from the news accounts what this gentle is alleged to have done to assist in the escape but there should be significant evidence in this regard based on the high bail amount. Likelihood of conviction is a consideration in setting bail (not to mention flight risk) so one would assume that there is hard evidence of involvement by the uncle.  Irrespective, the bail seems much too high given my experience as a Union County NJ Criminal Attorney. A bail motion undoubtedly needs to be filed.