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Union County Drug Distribution Arrest Unsuccessful

For months now, the Union County Prosecutors Office and police throughout the County have been attempting to apprehend a reputed drug dealer. The suspect is alleged to be a kingpin in a cocaine distribution and trafficking ring based out of Elizabeth. He is also believed to be a high level member of the “Bloods”.

The defendant has a long history with the law. The pending charges involve RICO, maintaining a cocaine drug production facility, distribution of CDS and numerous weapons offenses. His bail is set at $5,000,000 but efforts to seize him have proved unsuccessful. Law enforcement has been provided with several opportunities to arrest the defendant but he has narrowly escaped these efforts.

The defendant in this case is undoubtedly dangerous and also illusive. He certainly does not want to be arrested as he shall be exposed to First Degree charges that fall within the Brimage guidelines. He very well could be looking at jail exposure that includes the potential for life imprisonment.