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Union County Burglary Charges May be Coming

Recent reports have been circulating regarding almost 30 incidents of burglary in Union County. The burglaries are believed to be related and the responsibility of an organized enterprise. Participants ring the doorbell to a home while accomplices approach from the rear. If no one answers the door, the thieves break through and burglarize the property. The majority of the burglary cases arise in Westfield, Berkeley Heights, and Mountainside. Thousands of dollars in theft losses are claimed.

The law governing Burglary Charges in Union County is contained at N.J.S.A. 2C:18-2. It provides that a burglary is committed whenever someone enters a structure without authority to do so for the purpose of committing some form of criminal offense. The motivation for entry need not be to commit a theft but simply some form of crime. A burglary can therefore result where the reason for entry is to commit, for example, an assault or criminal mischief. Burglary is typically a third degree offense but can escalate to a second degree where bodily force or threats are involved, or where a deadly weapon is displayed.

We will keep you posted on how the situation unfolds with respect to any arrests or burglary charges.