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Union Correction Officer Arrested for Conspiracy

If you have been reading the newspapers lately, you probably have seen an article or two concerning prisoners who have come into possession of cell phones.  This is apparently a significant problem for the Union County Correctional Institute and other jails around the state. The issue is not only the mobile telephones themselves but also the fact that it is claimed that many convicts are using them to continue criminal activities within Union County and elsewhere.

The heat was so high on this issue that a state corrections officer from Union was arrested for conspiracy this week for his role in providing cells to prisoners.  It is alleged that the guard conspired with the recipient of the phones, a known member of the Latin Kings.  The devices were seized earlier this year at East Jersey State Prison and were ultimately traced to the officer.  He was arrested on a charge of conspiracy, as well as other offenses. His bail is set at $50,000.

This case definitely has a strong possibility of problems for the defendant. The prisoners involved really have no major incentive to protect the suspect and, quite to the contrary, can probably earn consideration for corroborating the conspiracy. Things are not looking good for the suspect, especially if law enforcement has hard evidence.