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The incident of cocaine possession is growing at a rapid rate in Roselle Park and other municipalities in Union County. The Roselle Park Police target anyone suspected to possess cocaine since they perceive the drug as a major threat. Prosecutors have a similar approach with no hesitation to impose penalties to the fullest extent possible. If you were arrested in Roselle Park for possession of cocaine, a lawyer at Law Offices of Jonathan F. Marshall it equipped to provide the aggressive, hard-hitting legal representation needed to successfully battle the state. Our attorneys devote their practices to criminal defense and include former county and municipal prosecutors that have over a century in practice combined. Call (908) 272-1700 to speak to an attorney on our staff about the cocaine offense pending against you. Lawyers are ready to assist you 24/7 in a free consultation.

Cocaine Possession Offense Roselle Park New Jersey

Under N.J.S.A. 2C:35-10, it is illegal to possess cocaine in Roselle Park or anywhere else in New Jersey. Personal possession, as contrasted with distribution of cocaine, always results in a third degree crime in the event of conviction. If you knowingly possessed cocaine either actually or constructively, you may be convicted of violating 2C:35-10. Actual possession of cocaine arises when the accused has physical custody of the drug. Constructive possession is an entirely different concept and applies when someone lacks physical possession but has every intention to exercising control in the future. The most common example of this form of possession is when someone has cocaine hidden in a car but is aware of its presence and has the ability and intent to exercise control in the future.

As previously state, cocaine possession is a third degree crime. The penalties for this offense include a fine of up to $35,000. There is also the possibility of a prison sentence of up to 5 years. Every individual convicted for possessing cocaine is subject to a mandatory suspension of their driver’s license of at least 6 months and as much as 2 years. When the cocaine is possessed within 1,000 feet of school property, also referred to as a school zone, at least 100 hours of community service must also be imposed. 

Roselle Park Cocaine Possession Defense Attorney

Third degree cocaine possession results in a felony conviction at the Union Superior Court. An individual found guilty of possession of cocaine becomes a convicted felon who thereafter has a commensurate criminal record. This result would certainly be expected to effect prospects for employment, a professional license and in other facets of your future. A Roselle Park cocaine possession defense attorney from the Law Offices of Jonathan F. Marshall will challenge the prosecution so you have every chance to escape a conviction. Our team of seasoned criminal trial lawyers know how to formulate an effective defense strategy so that a favorable outcome has every chance of being achieved. Contact us today at (908) 272-1700 for a free consultation with a lawyer at the firm immediately.

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