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Charged With Cocaine Possession in Hillside NJ

Cocaine possession is an offense that is certainly on the upswing in Hillside and just about everywhere else in Union County. It seems that someone is being arrested and is contacting our Union NJ Criminal Lawyers every day about a possession of cocaine charge. If you were arrested on allegations that you possessed cocaine, an attorney at the Law Offices of Jonathan F. Marshall has the expertise you are looking for in order to secure the best result of your case. We are former prosecutors and highly knowledgeable defense attorneys who have been serving the Union County Superior Court and the Township of Hillside for over 100 years between us. Several of us are also former prosecutors at either the county or municipal level. To speak to a lawyer about the motor vehicle stop, search of your residence or other circumstances that led to your being charged, contact our firm at 908-272-1700. The consultation is free of charge so do not hesitate to give us a call.

Possession of Cocaine Charge in Hillside New Jersey

Possession of cocaine in Hillside results in a third degree crime under N.J.S.A. 2C:35-10a(1). This should be differentiated from distribution of cocaine which can result in a first degree, second degree or third degree crime depending on the quantity being sold or possessed with intent to distribute. The discussion in this article is limited to charges for personal possession of cocaine in violation of 2C:35-10. This offense is triggered if you knowingly possess cocaine either actually or constructively in any quantity. Actual possession arises if you have direct physical custody of the drug such as where it is on your person or contained in something within your direct control (e.g. backpack, pocket book, jacket, etc.). You constructively possess CDS when it is not in your direct control but you are aware of its presence and have both the ability and intention to exercise direct control over it in the future. When you possess cocaine in Hillside in either manner, you are exposed to conviction under 2C:35-10a(1).

The penalties that may be imposed at the Criminal Division of the Superior Court include a fine of up to $35,000, probation, drug treatment, random urine testing and even the possibility of a state prison term of up to 5 years. An individual convicted of possession is also subject to a 6-24 driver’s license suspension. If the cocaine was possessed in a Hillside school zone, there court must impose at least 100 hours of community service on top of the other penalties.

An individual who is charged with possession of cocaine in Hillside can apply for diversion of his or her case through the Pretrial Intervention Program. This relief is afforded first time offenders who gain admission into this restricted program. You are highly encouraged to consult with an experienced criminal defense attorney if you want to apply for PTI.

Hillside Cocaine Possession Defense Attorney

Almost any Hillside drug possession offense has the potential to compromise your future and one involving cocaine certainly qualifies. Retaining a defense attorney who is highly experienced in defending possession of cocaine charges is definitely going to provide the best shot of escaping an arrest with minimum long term repercussions. Here at the Law Offices of Jonathan F. Marshall, our lawyers are savvy ex-prosecutors who have been practicing in the criminal trenches of the Union County court system for decades. We know what and how to secure the outcome you need. For a free consultation with an lawyer on our team, call 908-272-1700. Attorneys on staff are available to assist you around the clock.