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While Summit New Jersey only measures about 6 square miles, the City has major roadways like Interstate 78 and New Jersey Route 24 running through which result in a high number of traffic ticket and summons for violation of the motor vehicle code each year. The largest number of traffic offenses involving speeding, driving while suspended, careless driving and driving without insurance. If you were issued a summons or ticket for any type of motor vehicle violation in Summit, you should take advantage of a free consultation with a traffic ticket attorney at our firm.

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The Summit traffic defense lawyers at the Law Offices of Jonathan F. Marshall have successfully defended thousands of reckless driving, leaving the scene of an accident and other motor vehicle offenses over the last several decades. Our attorneys are able to avoid a conviction, in fact, in the vast majority of traffic cases they handle. If you were issued a ticket or summons for a traffic offense in Summit, a lawyer on our staff, including one of our several former municipal prosecutors, is available to assist you 24/7 by calling 908-272-1700.

Summit NJ Traffic Offenses

Whether you were charged by a member of the Summit Police Department on Morris Avenue or a state trooper patrolling Route 24, the consequences of a Summit traffic offense are much more significant than you probable anticipate. You not only face a fine but also assessment of motor vehicle points if you are found guilty in Summit Municipal Court. If you accumulate 6 or more points you are required to pay surcharges to keep your license in good standing. You are also subject to an administrative suspension of your driver’s license if you reach 12 points. The chart below outlines the number of points assigned to some of the more common traffic violations along with the other penalties that apply to each.

Violation Points Fine Suspension Jail
Speeding 2-5 $85-$260 Discretionary Discretionary
Careless Driving 2 $50-$200 Discretionary Discretionary
Driving While Suspended NA $500-$1,000 Up to 6 Months; 12-30 Months if for DWI 1-5 days for Second Offense; 10 Days for Third Offense; Up to 90 days if for DWI
Driving Without Insurance NA $300-$5,000 One Year for First Offense; Two Years for Second Offense 14 Days for a Second or Subsequent Offense
Leaving the Scene of an Accident 2-8 $500-$2,000 Up to One Year Up to 180 Days
Reckless Driving 5 $50-$500 Discretionary Up to 3 Months
Possession of CDS in a Motor Vehicle NA $50-No Limit Two Years NA
Driving While Intoxicated NA $250-$1,000 3-12 Months for First Offense; 2 Years for Second Offense; 10 Years for Third Offense Discretionary for First Offense; 2-90 Days for Second Offense; 180 Days for Third Offense

Summit NJ Traffic Ticket Defense Lawyer

It should be plainly apparent from what is on this page that a conviction for a traffic ticket can have significant direct consequences in the form of penalties. You also should not ignore the fact that your insurance company will get notice of any violation found in Summit Municipal Court and may take action to drop you or increase your premium because of the offense. This is one of many reasons why hiring an accomplished defense lawyer is so important if you are facing a ticket or summons for reckless driving, driving while suspended, driving without insurance or another charge. The lawyers that make up our defense team are seasoned motor vehicle attorneys with over a century of combined experience. An attorney at the Marshall Defense Firm has the skills you need to avert the direct and collateral ramifications of a conviction. Contact us now at 908-272-1700 for a free consultation with one of our attorneys.