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How would losing your license to drive for the next 30 days or longer affect your life? You should think about that before pleading guilty to a traffic ticket in Roselle Park. Even if you don’t lose your driver’s license, a speeding charge or other traffic violation can increase how much your car insurance company charges you. If you are a commercial driver, traffic tickets could make it impossible for you work. These are but a few reasons why you should consult a knowledgeable motor vehicle offense attorney if you have been issued a Roselle Park traffic ticket or summons.

The lawyers at the Law Offices of Jonathan F. Marshall have considerable experienced handling traffic and motor vehicle cases in Roselle Park. In fact, our team has been appearing in Roselle Park Municipal Court for over 100 years between the eight attorneys on our staff. Speak to lawyer about the traffic tickets you received in Roselle Park and how we can help you avoid the problems arising from a guilty plea or finding, calling (908) 272-1700. All initial consultations are free so do not hesitate to contact us.

Traffic Offense in Roselle Park New Jersey

Under New Jersey Law, the right to possess a driver’s license is a privilege and not a right. There are guidelines for enjoying this right and one of them is to obey the traffic laws. If you fail to comply with this requirement, you may be issued a summons or ticket for a moving traffic offense. Conviction for violating a motor vehicle statute results in fines and other consequences that may be imposed by the municipal court judge in Roselle Park.

Separate and apart from the sentence imposed in Roselle Park Municipal Court, the New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission oversees a system under which moving violations result in points being added to your driving record. You do not receive points for parking tickets or equipment violations, such as a broken headlight or cracked windshield. However, virtually every ticket for a moving traffic violation in Roselle Park and anywhere else in New Jersey carries with it the assignment of motor vehicle points. Six or more points accumulated within a three year period results in a $150 surcharge being assessed against you. There is an additional surcharge of $25 for each point in excess of six. If you fail to pay the surcharge, your license is suspended by the MVC until it is paid, and you are charged an additional $100 to get the license back. An accumulation of 12 or more points results in a suspension of your driver’s license. Common moving violations which result in points include:

In addition to the fines, points and the possibility of increased insurance costs associated with a traffic violation, there are many motor vehicle charges that result in an automatic suspension of your license. For example, there is a mandatory two years suspension for possession of cds in a motor vehicle, one year suspension for a first offense of driving without insurance and a one day to six months suspension for your first offense for driving while suspended. There obviously is also a period revocation for DWI in Roselle Park. It is particularly important that you escape a conviction to charges like these if you want to maintain your privilege to drive.

Roselle Park NJ Traffic Offense Defense Lawyer

Unless you fight a traffic ticket with a Roselle Park NJ traffic offense defense lawyer, you place yourself in jeopardy of losing your license and subject yourself to the fines and other penalties associated with a conviction. Protect your license and your insurance rates by contacting that attorneys at the Marshall Firm today at (908) 272-1700. Lawyers are available for consultation around the clock and there is no charge for the consultation. Contact us today for the thorough and knowledgeable guidance from a skilled motor vehicle attorney.