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Roselle Installs Cameras to Prevent Crime

An interesting measure shall be put in place when school starts this year at Roselle public schools.  The District has installed surveillance cameras in the facilites to foster greater safety.  The intention behind the cameras is to combat crime resulting from both students and intruders, as well as react to emergencies that occur at the schools.

The surveillance is probably both a blessing and curse. While the cameras will serve legitimate concerns of safety, I also see the cameras as an opportunity for unbridled policing. The scope of “big brother” has now become virtually unlimited as it concerns students at public schools in Roselle. It may also be worthy to note that installation of these measures follows a New Jersey Appellate Court decision earlier this year which basically permits school officials to search as they see fit. As the managing partner of a Union County criminal defense law firm that does quite a bit of juvenile crime work, I see the devices as something that individuals could potentially take too far. We will have to see what actually transpires this fall.