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Traffic Ticket or Motor Vehicle Summons in Rahway New Jersey

The City of Rahway is major source of traffic offenses in Union County with over 10,000 tickets for moving violations issued by the Rahway Police Department every year. The most common motor vehicle charges involve a ticket or summons for speeding, reckless driving, driving while suspended and careless driving.

If you were charged with violating a traffic law in Rahway, an attorney at our firm has the knowledge and skill to help you. We have been practicing in Rahway Municipal Court and other area municipalities for over 100 years between our eight defense lawyers.

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Rahway Traffic Offense

A driver’s license is a privilege and not a right in this state. A condition of maintaining this privilege is obeying the New Jersey Traffic Laws. When someone commits a moving violation, they are fined, assigned motor vehicle points and are exposed to other penalties in order to promote compliance. Collateral consequences include rapidly escalating insurance rates, payment of insurance surcharges for 4 or more points and the possibility of an administrative license suspension when you accumulate 12 or more points. The more common traffic charges in Rahway that can result in ramifications such as these are:

If you were issued one of these charges or another Rahway traffic ticket, it is important that you do your very best to escape a conviction. This is particularly true when facing a motor vehicle violation that can result in a suspension of your privileges to drive. For example, reckless driving or speeding at a rate of 95 M.P.H. or more result can result in a suspension of your driver’s license in the discretion of the municipal court judge in Rahway. A mandatory suspension of 2 years results from possession of CDS in a motor vehicle, one year for driving without insurance and up to six months for driving while suspended. The period of suspension for DWI hinges on the BAC at the time of the offense.

Rahway Traffic Defense Lawyer

A Rahway traffic defense lawyer at the Law Offices of Jonathan F. Marshall can help you escape the penalties and other consequences of a conviction for violating the motor vehicle code.  Our lawyers have a track history of successfully representing clients in Rahway Municipal Court and other locations spans decades and thousands of cases over the last twenty plus years. We would be more than happy to discuss the specifics of your ticket or summons in Rahway in a free initial consultation at your earliest convenience. An attorney is ready to assist you now at (908) 272-1700.