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Juvenile Criminal Offense in Plainfield New Jersey

Every parent wants the very best for their child, which is why it can be devastating when a child is arrested and charged with a juvenile criminal offense in Plainfield New Jersey. Has your child has been charged with theft, assault, or any other activity defined as a crime in the New Jersey statutes? It can be a grave error to assume that your child won’t suffer significant repercussions because of his or her juvenile status. The Law Offices of Jonathan F. Marshall have extensive experience handling charges against minors at the Family Part of the Union County Superior Court. The procedures associated with the juvenile court system are specialized, and our attorneys have the knowledge and skills to prevent juvenile charges from making a negative impact on a child’s future. A well-qualified attorney is available to speak with you 24/7 at our Union Township office. Contact us without delay at 908-272-1700 to speak with a lawyer well-versed in juvenile cases. The initial consultation is completely free of charge.

Plainfield New Jersey Juvenile Charge

A juvenile delinquency complaint is filed with the Family Division in Union County when a person under 18 who resides in Plainfield is accused of violating the New Jersey Criminal Justice Code. An assessment is then made as to whether the minor should be detained at a juvenile facility or released to his or her parents or guardians. Juveniles who are detained are placed in the Union County Juvenile Detention Center until a formal detention hearing is held, and it must take place within 24 hours, by law. If the child is released at that time, he or she is usually required to appear before the Union County Juvenile Judge at a future date. In some instances, the hearing date is already set by the time of release.

There are many differences between the criminal proceedings for juveniles, as compared with adults who have been accused of a crime. For instance, the emphasis in juvenile proceedings is to help a child change his or her behavior, as opposed to imposing punishments. Juvenile court appearances are held in Elizabeth in a closed courtroom. They are not in any way subject to public disclosure. Juveniles must always have legal representation. A public defender will be provided if the parents don’t hire a lawyer. A juvenile judge presides over juvenile cases. The skill of the defense attorney can have a significant effect on the outcome of a juvenile case.

The well-qualified lawyers at the Marshall Law Firm are equipped to provide the best defense for any juvenile criminal case, including defense for any of the following crimes:

Plainfield Juvenile Attorney

Becoming part of the juvenile justice system is never good for young people who are just starting out in life. Penalties for a Plainfield juvenile offense can be severe, including being sentenced to incarceration at the Union County Juvenile Detention Center. It is important to have representation by a skilled juvenile defense lawyer who has experience navigating the process of juvenile justice. An attorney who is both compassionate and aggressive on behalf of clients is available to help you at the Marshall Law firm. Former prosecutors are among our team of juvenile defense attorneys. All of our lawyers are able to skillfully fight for your child’s best interests and secure the best possible outcome in his or her case. To speak with one of our attorneys immediately, contact us at 908-272-1700. The first consultation is free.