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Possession of Marijuana Offense in Rahway New Jersey

There are few criminal offenses that arise more often in Rahway than marijuana possession. This offense may seem outdated given all of the publicity regarding legalization but possession of marijuana continues to be illegal in New Jersey. To make matters worse for someone arrested and charged with this offense is the fact that marijuana possession carries serious penalties. Hiring a skilled attorney at the Marshall Law Firm can alleviate the risk of a conviction as we have over a century of combined experience defending possession of 50 grams or less of marijuana, as well as fourth degree crimes for possessing over 50 grams.  If you are looking for a Rahway criminal lawyer to defend a marijuana possession charge, the team at our firm is ready to discuss how we can help you in a free initial consultation. Lawyers are available around the clock at 908-227-1700 to conduct a thorough review of the facts of your case and to advise you of your best options for success.

Possession of 50 Grams or Less of Marijuana in Rahway New Jersey

N.J.S.A. 2C:35-10 makes it a crime for someone to knowingly possess a controlled dangerous substance without a valid prescription.  N.J.S.A. 2C:35-10a(4) is directed specifically at individuals possessing 50 grams or less of marijuana, making it s disorderly persons offense under New Jersey. What this means is that you can be convicted of a misdemeanor criminal offense if you are in possession of 50 grams or less of marijuana in Rahway New Jersey. A charge of this grade falls under the jurisdiction of the Rahway Municipal Court. The municipal court judge may sentence you to up to 6 months in the county jail and impose a fine of as much as $1,000. Your driver’s license will also be subject to mandatory suspension of 6-24 months. These penalties can be negated if you are a first time offender who gains admission in the Conditional Discharge Program.

Possession of Over 50 Grams of Marijuana in Rahway New Jersey

Under 2C:35-10a(3) it is a fourth degree crime, the lowest grade of felony, to possess over 50 grams of marijuana in Rahway. Jurisdiction to deal with a case of this nature is reserved to the Union County Superior Court and can result in a fine of up to $25,000 and up to 18 months in state prison. The previously set forth driver’s license suspension also applies. The Pretrial Intervention Program allows an individual without a prior drug conviction or diversion to avoid the penalties for possession of more than 50 grams of marijuana.

Rahway Marijuana Possession Defense Lawyer

Rahway is a busy Union County municipality where many marijuana possession charges arise. Our attorneys are well acquainted with this fact as members of one of the state’s largest criminal firm. We have appeared in Rahway Municipal Court and at the county courthouse on behalf of countless clients, including those arrested for possession of marijuana. An attorney on our staff would be happy to review all of the facts and circumstances surrounding your charge and to formulate a plan for averting a conviction. For a consultation with a defense lawyer at the Law Offices of Jonathan F. Marshall, contact us anytime of day or night.