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Police patrol vehicles for driving while intoxicatedCharged With DWI in the City of Linden

If you were arrested for driving while intoxicated (“DWI”) in Linden, you certainly aren’t alone as more than 150 violations are typically issued each year. And unless you take your DWI charge seriously, you could easily become one of the many who are convicted of their first offense, second offense or third offense in Linden Municipal Court. Indeed, neither the prosecutors, Nicholas Scutari and Daniel Antonelli, nor the Judges, Honorable Daniel Roberts and Honorable Cassandra Corbett, have any legal authority to accept a plea to anything short of a DWI unless there is a bona fide issue in your case. The reason for this stems from the fact that New Jersey Law prohibits plea bargaining of your Linden DWI/DUI offense. The result of this is that you absolutely must successfully challenge the state’s case or there is no possibility of avoiding a driving under the influence of drugs or classic DWI. This is where experience and training of your attorney can prove to be so handy. As the largest DWI defense firm in the state with several former prosecutors, Alcotest Certified and Field Sobriety Testing Certified attorneys on our staff, we know how to effectively defend your DWI in the City of Linden. To speak to one of our lawyers in a free initial consultation, contact our Union NJ Office anytime 24/7 at 908-272-1700.

Why Are So Many DWI Charges Issued in Linden?

There are a number of factors that contribute to the high number of DUI/DWI summonses issued in Linden each year. First and foremost, the City of Linden happens to be a major transportation corridor. With major roadways like US route 1, US Route 9, and Route 27 running through the town, there is plenty of opportunity for the local Linden Police to make contact with those suspected of DWI. In addition, the New Jersey Turnpike runs through the municipality and this results in a whole other block of Linden DWI arrests — those made by the New Jersey State Police. Other reasons for the high statistics of driving while intoxicated in Linden include the significant number of bars and restaurants in the town, as well as its proximity to the Meadowlands Sports Complex (e.g MetLife Stadium), New York City, Prudential Center and Red Bull Arena. If you find yourself among those arrested in Linden for driving while intoxicated, we can offer you the muscle and resources of our seasoned DWI defense team.

Exceptional Credentials for Defending A Linden DWI

When it comes to defending a DUI, qualifications are crucial in our opinion. Every lawyer clearly is not the same and this is a important consideration if you are looking for results. You absolutely need an attorney who is both experienced and committed to getting you the very best result. Too often, we are contacted after an individual made the mistake of not taking a close look at a lawyers credentials (e.g. actual years in practice, DWI trials conducted, training, etc.) or selecting an attorney based on price alone. Since there isn’t any wiggle room for the prosecutor to offer anything other than a plea to DWI absent your attorney presenting a real issue to throw a wrench in the state’s case, knowledgeable and skillful defense is extremely important. We can honestly say that we believe our qualifications in this regard are unique. We have multiple lawyers with 20 plus years experience handling driving while intoxicated charges and handle so many of these cases that we have our own Alcotest machine to assist us in defending offenses.

Linden DWI/DUI Lawyers

While litigating DWI offenses in Linden can be challenging, our defense attorneys, as you can see, are well equipped to obtain results. Whether your arrest was the result of a chase involving eluding charges or a routine stop, a lawyer on our team is ready to fully invest their time in order to achieve the very best outcome. Call us for a free consultation with an experienced Linden DWI lawyer. We can be reached 24/7 at 908-272-1700.