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Photograph of Cranford Police Department Patrol Vehicle for DWI stopsCranford is among a host of Union County municipalities that aggressively combat driving under the influence violations.  This translates into more than 100 DWI arrests in the Township of Cranford almost every year. Whether you were driving down the Garden State Parkway near exist 136, leaving the Cranford Train Station after a night in the city or just happened to be driving down Route 28, the potential ramifications you will face are significant for driving while intoxicated or driving under the influence of drugs. You cannot simply roll over or you will be subjected to a significant drivers license suspension, thousands of the dollars in surcharges, skyrocketing insurance rates and even the potential for jail, especially if it is a second offense or third offense. Clearly, your best course of action in mitigating against these serious penalties is to hire as good an attorney as you can afford.

We believe that our expertise in DWI/DUI is exceptional statewide, let alone for a firm in Union County. There isn’t another firm who has gone to the lengths of having anymore than one or two Alcotest certified lawyers or Field Sobriety certified lawyers on their staff, not to mention to being the only firm in the county with its own Alcotest Machine. The Law Offices of Jonathan F. Marshall also happens to include former prosecutor in more than 20 municipalities who are extremely serious when it comes to DWI defense. Give us a call any time of day for a free consultation at 908-272-1700.

Cranford DWI Court Information

The Cranford Municipal Court is located at 8 Springfield Ave, Cranford, NJ 07016-2117. The phone number for the court is 908-709-7242, and the fax number is 908-709-7244. The court has normal business hours from 8:30am-3:30pm, and the court has normal sessions every Wednesday evenings beginning at 5:30pm. The court administrator is Lorraine Powell, and the presiding judge is the Honorable Mark J. Cassidy. Robert Donovan, Esq., serves as prosecutor. For directions to the Cranford Municipal Court, click here.

What Penalties Will You Face If You Are Convicted of DWI in Cranford?

Drivers that are convicted of Driving Under the Influence face severe sanctions.  The severity of the penalties will vary depending upon the degree of intoxication, whether there are aggravating circumstances (e.g. accident) and whether it is a first offense, second offense or third offense. The penalties for a Cranford DWI that is a first offense include:

  • For blood alcohol concentrations (“BAC”) of .08 but below .1, a license suspension of 3 months. For BAC readings .10 or above, the suspension period is 7-12 months for a first offense.
  • 12 Hours in the Intoxicated Drivers Resource Center
  • Up to 30 days in jail
  • Installation of an ignition interlock for readings of .15 or above
  • A $1,000 per year surcharge for 3 years

If a driver is convicted in Cranford for a second DWI/DUI offense the penalties become significantly more severe.  Convictions for a second DUI carry a number of mandatory penalties such as imprisonment and installation of an interlock system on your vehicle. More specifically, the second offense penalties include:

  • Jail of at least 48 hours and up to 90 days
  • Two (2) year loss of license
  • Mandatory 30 days of community service
  • A $1,000 surcharge per year for a period of three years
  • Installation of ignition interlock device on the drivers vehicle during the period of suspension and then for one to three years following reinstatement

For a third offense, there most significant penalty is a mandatory 180 day jail sentence. There is also a drivers license suspension of 10 years and the annual surcharge escalates to $1,500 per year for 3 years.

Cranford DUI Defense Lawyers

As you can see, the potential penalties for even a first offense of DWI are stiff. This is why you cannot afford to linger in retaining a skilled attorney. The experienced DUI lawyers at The Law Offices of Jonathan F. Marshall can offer you a unique combination of training and experience that few law firms also possess. It also helps that we have defended countless clients charged with DWI in Cranford over the last several decades. For an immediate consultation with a lawyer on our staff, contact our Union Township Office at 908-272-1700.