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Mountainside is one of the least populated municipalities in Union County with approximately 6,685 residents but you would not know it if you were reviewing the criminal, DWI and traffic charge statistics for the community. The borough police issued 2,427 tickets for motor vehicle violations and another 372 criminal complaints during 2016 alone. The more frequently arising offenses were marijuana possession, simple assault, harassment, disorderly conduct, possession of drug paraphernalia and obstructing the administration of law.  The attorneys at our firm have the skills to help you defend whatever offense you are facing in Mountainside. We are former prosecutors who have over a century of collective experience representing clients throughout the county, including in the municipal court of the Borough of Mountainside. If you were charged in Mountainside with violating the law, an attorney at The Law Offices of Jonathan F. Marshall is well equipped to handle your case. To speak to a lawyer on our staff about the charge filed against you, contact our Union NJ Office at 908-272-1700. Initial consultations with our lawyers are free.

Mountainside Municipal Court

Address: 1385 U.S. Highway 22 East, Mountainside, NJ 07092
Telephone: (908) 232-2400
Judge: Honorable Frank Sahaj
Court Administrator: Cynthia West, C.M.C.A.
Prosecutor: James Foerst, Esq.
Court Sessions: First, Third & Fourth Thursday of the month at 9:00 a.m.  & second Wednesday at 5:00 p.m.

The Mountainside Municipal Court has authority to deal with motor vehicle and traffic violations, including DWI, as well as disorderly persons offenses, that occur within the 4.04 square miles of the town. A first, second, third or fourth degree crime falls outside the jurisdiction of the municipal court since it carries a right to indictment by a grand jury. These grades of offense must be sent to the Union County Criminal Division for resolution and include charges like burglary, distribution of drugs, aggravated assault, possession of cds beyond marijuana and eluding. While you are not required to hire an attorney in either the municipal court or Superior Court, it is always in a defendant’s best interests to do so.

Mountainside has a low rate of crime so it makes sense that most of the charges processed there involve motor vehicle summonses. Although a traffic ticket does not result in a criminal record, it nevertheless has the potential to result in serious penalties. For example, driving while suspended, possession of cds in a motor vehicle , driving under the influence of drugs (a.k.a. DUI) and alcohol (a.k.a. DWI) and driving without insurance all result in mandatory license suspension if you are convicted. In addition, less minor violations like speeding, careless driving and failure to obey a traffic safety device carry points, fines, surcharges and can cause insurance costs to escalate. Hiring a lawyer with a proven track record of averting motor vehicle convictions is probably your best weapon for avoiding these consequences.

Mountainside DWI Attorney

A conviction for DWI, DUI or even Breath Test Refusal can have serious ramifications. Suspension of your driving privileges is mandatory for even a first offense and there are also thousands of dollars in fines, surcharges and other monetary consequences. You can even be sentenced to jail if this is your second or third offense. Retaining an attorney who has considerable training and experience in defending DWI charges is imperative if you want to arm yourself with the best opportunity to escape these penalties. The lawyers at our Union County defense firm have advised training in this area of law and have defended thousands of N.J.S.A. 39:4-50 cases over the last 25 plus years. Attorneys on our team are available 24/7 to assist you by calling 908-272-1700.

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