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Every parent wants their son or daughter to reach for the stars when it comes to their future. That is a primary reason why it is so unnerving when a child is arrested and charged with juvenile delinquency in Clark or someone else in Union County for drug possession, theft, assault, and another charge. Venturing into the juvenile court with limited knowledge frequently makes the anxiety even worse. If you are a parent or guardian for a minor who has been charged with a juvenile criminal offense in Clark New jersey, an attorney at the Law Offices of Jonathan F. Marshall has the skill to fully protect your child’s future. The lawyers at our firm have, collectively, over 100 years of experience handling criminal charges at the Family Part of the Union County Superior Court, the venue where all juvenile cases arising in Clark or any other municipality in Union County are heard. We know the specialized procedures associated with the juvenile court system, and our attorneys possess the know-how to keep a juvenile charge from impacting a young person’s future. Contact our Union Township office at 908-272-1700 to speak with a juvenile lawyer at our firm today. The first consultation is completely free.

Juvenile Criminal Offense in Clark Township

When someone under 18 years of age violates the New Jersey Criminal Justice Code, a juvenile delinquency complaint is filed with the Family Division of the county where they reside. In the case of a violation allegedly committed in Clark Township, this means that the filing is made to the county county in Elizabeth. At that time, an assessment is made as to whether the child should be detained or released to his or her parents. If they are held, they are placed in the Union County Juvenile Detention Center until a formal detention hearing can be conducted (within 24 hours by law). If the juvenile is released, they are typically advised that they shall receive a date to appear before the Union County Juvenile Judge or, in some cases, actually leave custody with a hearing date.

There are many distinctions between juvenile criminal proceedings and those for adults. One of the biggest ones is that the goal of the proceedings are to help the child change his/her behavior rather than punish. Cases are held in a closed courtroom in Elizabeth and are not subject to disclosure to the public in any manner.  A juvenile appearing in court must be epresented by an attorney so a parent must either hire one or qualify for the public defender. All issues of law and fact are decide without a jury by a single person, namely, the juvenile judge proceeding over your son or daughter’s criminal offense. The attorneys at the Marshall Law Firm are well versed in juvenile delinquency defense and extensively familiar with the court system in Elizabeth to insure that the charge filed in Clark is resolved in the most favorable way to your child. We are equipped to defend any Clark NJ juvenile criminal offense including:

You should also know that while most juvenile cases are handled in the aforesaid manner, there are instances where the prosecutor can file a motion to have a matter waived to adult court. This is typically limited to circumstances of extreme violence like a robbery, murder or rape, or where the child is approaching 18 and has a long history of serious violation. Waiver of a juvenile to adult court is something that our attorneys work hard to resist as the penalties imposed for adult offenders, which are applicable once the case is waived, are much more severe. 

Clark Juvenile Lawyer

It is never good for young people, who are just getting their lives started, to be pulled into the juvenile justice system. A conviction for a Clark juvenile offense can lead to severe penalties including incarceration at a detention center. That is why you need a knowledgeable juvenile defense lawyer to help you through the juvenile justice process. An aggressive and compassionate attorney at the Marshall Law firm is prepared to defend your child against the charge that was filed in Clark Township.  Our former prosecutors and skilled attorneys will fight for your child’s rights so that the very best outcome is reached in his or her case. To speak to one of our lawyers immediately in a free consultation, contact us at 908-272-1700.