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Kenilworth Trespass Offense Results In Conviction

Trespass Charges in Union County New Jersey Contact Our Former Prosecutors For Assistance Defending Your Trespass Offense Union County Family Court Judge Theresa Mullen found herself on the other side of the bench this week and was found guilty of trespass.  This unusual case began a year ago when Mullen sued St. Theresa’s School in Kenilworth and the Archdiocese of Newark.  The suit challenged the school’s decision to exclude Mullen’s daughter from playing on the boys’ basketball team, even though the school did not have a girls’ basketball team.  Both... Read More»

Gang Member Gets 27 Years In Elizabeth For Shooting in Plainfield

Elizabeth New Jersey Aggravated Manslaughter Defense Lawyers Former County Prosecutors That Are Accomplished In Defending Union County Weapon Charges Abdul Ward, an alleged gang member, was prowling Plainfield on March 2, 2015, in search for a rival gang leader. Upon finding him, Ward started shooting. In a nearby convenience store, Wilson Valdez hears shots fired. He moves to protect a 4-year-old girl who was in the store and was shot while attempting to shield the youth. Mr. Valdez later died. This week, 26-year-old Ward, after pleading guilty to aggravated manslaughter... Read More»

Sex Abuse In New Jersey’s Prison for Women: Mahan Correctional Facility in Union Township Had “Culture of Silence” Around Sex Abuse

On Thursday, February 22, former inmates who served time at the Edna Mahan Correctional Facility for Women, a facility in Union Township, testified before the New Jersey State Senate – they had an unsettling story to tell. The former inmates who served time at Mahan, the only women’s prison in the State, testified that they were sexually abused by corrections officers. They testified that they had seen countless women raped in the prison. They testified that they spoke up, they reported the incidents, they complained. They testified that nothing was... Read More»

Cop Becomes Criminal: Union Township Police Officer Pleads Guilty to Theft

Union Township NJ Theft Lawyers It is never good news to learn about a person who is sworn to enforce the criminal laws falling prey to the urge to break those same laws. However, on February 15, 2018, a Union Township Police Department sergeant pleaded guilty to third-degree theft in Union County Superior Court in Elizabeth New Jersey. Michael Wittevrongel, formerly a police sergeant with the Union Township Police Department, admitted responsibility for accepting thousands of dollars in overtime pay that he did not earn. In exchange for his guilty... Read More»

Two Men Sentenced To Extended Terms For Possession of Heroin in Elizabeth New Jersey

Two Elizabeth men were scheduled to be sentenced last week to extended terms of imprisonment on charges of heroin possession and distribution. The drugs were discovered as a result of execution of a search warrant at the defendants' apartment on Olive Street in the City of Elizabeth. A total of 450 folds of heroin, 16 bags of cocaine and some marijuana were recovered by members of the Narcotics Unit of the Elizabeth Police Department. An indictment of both men was returned by a grand jury empaneled in Elizabeth in 2016.... Read More»

Rahway Man Arrested For Linden Burglaries

A string of burglaries in Linden has led to the arrest of a Rahway man. The individual has been charged with burglary, criminal mischief and theft, stemming from three break-ins over four weeks in the City of Linden. Burglary is a fairly common theft related offense in Linden, Rahway and elsewhere in Union County. A burglary is committed in violation of N.J.S.A. 2C:18-2 if an individual enters a structure without authorization for the purpose of committing a theft or other criminal offense. A burglary charge is typically a third degree... Read More»

Elizabeth Man Charged With Heroin Distribution

A prostitution investigation involving an Elizabeth man resulted in his arrest for possession with intent to distribute heroin. This drug charge arose when police were conducting a prostitution investigation at a local hotel and uncovered about 120 baggies of heroin and a digital scale. The defendant, who was from the City of Elizabeth, was charged with distribution of CDS, specifically heroin, as well possession of drug paraphernalia. Distribution of a controlled dangerous substance like heroin is illegal under N.J.S.A. 2C:35-5. The severity of a possession with intent to distribute charge... Read More»

Cranford Committee Member Charged With DWI

Almost anyone can fall victim to driving while intoxicated ("DWI") as illustrated by the arrest of a Cranford committee men. Andis Kalnins, the former mayor of Cranford and a current committee member, was charged with DWI by the state police after being stopped on Interstate 78 in Warren Township New Jersey. The accused was allegedly speeding and operating his motor vehicle erratically resulting in a DWI stop. Following a series of field sobriety tests, Mr. Kalnins was arrested and charged with DWI, reckless driving, speeding and failure to maintain lane.... Read More»

Man Convicted Of Heroin Distribution in Union Township, Linden & Elizabeth Is Sentenced to 15 Years in Prison

The Union County Prosecutor's Office has reported the sentencing of a man in Elizabeth to 15 years in prison for heroin distribution and money laundering in Union County. The defendant was the operator of two high volume heroin production facilities located in Union Township and Linden New Jersey. The related arrest resulted in seizure of $3.0 million in heroin and firearms, including a handgun with hollow-point bullets, a silencer and high capacity magazine. William Camino, had been arrested approximately three years ago as the result of an investigation by the... Read More»

Elizabeth NJ Women Arrested for Assault By Auto & Aggravated Assault After DWI Related Accident

An Elizabeth New Jersey women was charged with both DWI, assault by auto and aggravated assault this past week. The arrest took place after the motorist hit a pedestrian causing serious bodily injury. Whenever injuries are sustained in an alcohol related automobile accident, you can expect an investigation for driving while intoxicated or under the influence of drugs. The ensuing investigation here revealed that the defendant was intoxicated. This also mushroomed into indictable criminal charges for assault by auto based on the fact that extensive leg injuries were caused to... Read More»