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Domestic violence is getting more attention from the Berkeley Heights Police and just about every other law enforcement agency in Union County. If you have been accused of conduct that constitutes domestic violence anywhere in this state, you face the potential for life changing consequences. You can be charged with harassment, terroristic threat or many other criminal violations like an assault offense in Berkeley Heights. In addition, you may find yourself as a defendant to a restraining order. Hiring a lawyer who is accomplished in defending domestic violence charges is any absolute must if you have been charged in this manner in Berkeley Heights.

Our firm, the Law Offices of Jonathan F. Marshall, has the credentials to competently defend you against allegations of domestic violence. Our team includes eight criminal attorneys, several of whom are former prosecutors, that have been practicing in Berkeley Heights for over a century. We know what needs to be done to properly prepare and defend a restraining order, as well as a domestic violence criminal charge, in Union County. To obtain a comprehensive review of the facts of your case, contact our Union Office at 908-272-1700 to speak to an attorney immediately.

Domestic Violence Offense in Berkeley Heights New Jersey

Domestic violence is a description of a type of conduct as opposed to a particular criminal offense or charge. Domestic violence occurs when one of the individuals to a dating relationship, who have or are going to have a child, who are spouses or formerly enjoyed such a relationship are the victim of an incident of domestic violence. Such an incident occurs if the accuser is the victim of:

If an individual qualifies for protection under the Prevention of Domestic Violence Act, he/she can secure a temporary restraining order provided it is established that: (1) an incident of domestic violence has occurred; and (2) restraints are necessary to protect the victim. When this relief is granted in a town like Berkeley Heights, there is a final restraining order hearing is scheduled within a week or two where the accused has his/her opportunity to dispute the allegations of domestic violence. This is the only time a defendant has a chance to repute the claim in the domestic violence complaint.

In addition to a restraining order, a domestic violence incident typically results in issuance of a criminal offense. If the charge results in a disorderly persons offense, it is heard in Berkeley Heights Municipal Court. When the violation is a crime of the second degree, third degree or fourth degree, the criminal case is dealt with at the Union County Superior Court in Elizabeth.

Berkeley Heights Restraining Order Defense Attorney

Entry of a restraining order is bad enough so it is crucial that anyone subject to such relief do his/her best to avoid it becoming final. Failure to do so will not only result in a permanent bar to contact with the victim but also a new charge for criminal contempt if you are alleged to communicate or make any contact. A defense attorney who has successfully handled domestic violence cases in Berkeley Heights and Union County can provide you with the opportunity to avert ramifications as bad as these. This is exactly the capacity in which the lawyers at the Marshall Law Firm will serve you. We will utilize our considerable experience as criminal attorneys and serving as prosecutors to formulate a thorough defense to your restraining order and/or offense for assault or another act of domestic violence. Call our office at 908-272-1700 to speak to a lawyer with the skills you need immediately.